How To Log In to My Uphold account

Can’t sign in to your Maintain account? Sit back and relax — Our group arranged our most often posed inquiries by individuals while having issues getting to/signing into their records underneath:

Might it be said that you are Confirmed? Key Advantages Of Checking Your Maintain Record:
The most well-known issue in regards to locked accounts rotates around the check cycle. Non-checked individuals are restricted to a combined exchange worth of $1,000 should confirm their record to keep on making exchanges. Uphold Login

Confirmation permits:

Expanded value-based sums
Add or pull out assets to/from Maintain utilizing a bank move, charge/Visa
Admittance to 30+ upheld government issued types of money, digital currencies, and items

I can’t sign in to my Maintain record and I’m a non-checked part — how would it be a good idea for me to respond?

You should confirm your record with Maintain to keep utilizing our administration. Maintain expects confirmation to safeguard the security of everybody utilizing our administration. Getting checked is simple! You can begin the confirmation interaction by going to your record dashboard and tapping on “Become A Checked Part.”

Maintain requires a substantial government provided ID as a visa, public ID card, or driver’s permit. You want to present a ‘selfie’ image of yourself holding your ID where both your face and the ID is noticeable. Likewise, U.S. individuals should give their federal retirement aide or Assessment ID number. Whenever you’ve entered the expected data, if it’s not too much trouble, permit 24 hours for your record to be confirmed.

Locked Out: Investigating For Confirmed Individuals
I’m having issues signing in with the Authy application.

Assuming you have confirmed your record, however you are having issues signing in with the two-factor verification code from the Authy application, ensure you are utilizing a similar telephone number that is related with your Maintain account. On the off chance that you are as yet encountering issues, contact our help group for help with settling this matter by choosing “my confirmation code isn’t working” starting from the drop menu in our contact structure.

My record says Maintain staff is presently surveying my record confirmation demand. What’s the significance here?

Check is generally finished shortly, however sporadically this interaction can run into issues that require extra confirmation steps or more data about you. Your record might be hindered briefly while we work to determine this matter.

I’ve given all my confirmation data and my record is as yet locked.

It’s occasionally important to lock accounts while issues are researched. It is Maintain’s arrangement to just permit one record for each client according to our Enrollment Understanding, which each client should consent to prior to utilizing our administration. Clients found disregarding this arrangement by making different records might not be able to utilize Maintain’s administrations.

I added another type of installment and my record was obstructed.

In the event that an installment strategy is added to a record and is, dismissed by your bank, extra survey measures might be expected to guarantee your record has not been compromised. Bank against extortion measures might hail exchanges as uncommon. For this situation, if it’s not too much trouble, contact your bank and affirm the authenticity of the exchange.

Reaching Backing

In the event that none of the inquiries above assist you with noting why you are having issues getting to your record or your record has been hindered, contact our help group to address and determine the issue as fast as could be expected. On the off chance that you have a particular inquiry with respect to our administrations, for example, consistence related questions or an idea for us, kindly complete our contact structure to appropriately course your request.